Meditation: tuesdays & Thursdays
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Kriya yoga: sundays                      
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Babajis Kriya Yoga 

Welcome to learn 18 potent Kriya Hatha yoga asanas for
supporting and hastening your spiritual evolution!

Spring 2024 - Starting 10 march
Sundays 09.00-10.30
Online & in studio 

Meditation & Inner power

Meditation course Spring 2024 - Start 6/2
Learn yogic techniques to calm your mind and increase your presence and ability to focus with awareness. The course is also for you that is looking for support to meditate regularly.
(Swedish only) 

Babaji & Matajis Kriya Yoga

A spiritual path home to Source

Knowledge of the teachings of Kriya Yoga is shared through this yogastudio in Sweden. Kriya Yoga is an ancient teaching for spiritual expansion and enlightenment. It is one of the many paths home to Source and the One. This work is guided by the beautiful enlightened masters Mahavatar Babaji, Mataji and my Guru Swami Shankarananda Maharajji to share the wisdom of Kriya Yoga.


The meaning of yoga is Union with God. Through Self-realization one realized God - unity and onness with all that Is.

Journey of Self-realization

Anna, Kriya Yoga teacher and devotee

I am walking the spiritual path as a Kriya yogini and disciple. This is a journey of de-attachment and releasing all I've ever known or had. Opening up for what has always been - that which Is

Kriya Yogi Master

Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj

Mahavatar Babaji,  enlightened master. With a golden powerful presence  protecting and guiding me on my path.
In gratitude 

KriyaYogini Master

Mataji Annai Nagalakshmi

Beautiful Mataji Annai Nagalakshmi, spiritual sister of Babaji and enlightened master. A mother, a yogini, a Divine being.
In gratitude. 

Sacred Wisdom

Teaching of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is an ancient teaching to hasten our spiritual evolution and ultimately realize Yoga - Union between the individual Self and the Universal Self.

Courses & Classes

Sharing the practices of Kriya Yoga and meditation as I was taught by my Guru.

Kriya Yogaclasses teaching the specific 18 asanas, mantras, pranayama and meditation. This practice hastens the spiritual evolution and is best practised as a daily Sadhana - meaning regular spiritual practice.

Meditationclasses sharing a practice for increasing calmness and focus of mind to prepare for a state of meditation - "absence of thoughts". 

Hötomta & Yogastudio

The studio is located at a beautiful and quiet place on the countryside in Sweden.  A place slowly evolving into its highest potential providing a space for spiritual advancement and training, connected with Divine yogic masters.