Sri Babaji Kriya Yoga Studio
Spring 2024

Babajis Kriya Yoga

Mahavatar Babaji taught a potent sequence of 18 Kriya Hatha asanas (positions) for clearing and opening up the energycircuits and chakran within the bodies to anchor and hold greater light and higher states of consciousness. The sequence come in a flow and are most beneficial as part of a regular practise (sadhana) for accelerating ones spiritual evolution.
In this course you will learn the 18 positions step by step where we begin on a more simple level and slowly advance in to doing each position in its fullness. The flow is present from the beginning and increases as we advance. We tune in with a specific mantra and finishes with pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation.
The aim with this course is for you to learn and exercise this potent sequence as a part of your Sadhana- daily spiritual practice.  These 18 positions can be divided into smaller sequences and spread out during each day of a week. 

Spring 2024 - Trial class 3/3 for 100 SEK!
Starts 10/3 until beginning of june

Sundays 09.00-10.30 AM CET
Online & in studio on Vikbolandet

1 class 150kr (
4 classes 500kr (
Trial class 3/3 for 100 SEK (9)

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