Sri Babaji Kriya Yoga Studio

Mahavatar Babaji

Divine Yogi master

Beautiful dear Mahavatar Babaji was my first spiritual guide and has been with me ever since he made his appearence in 2021, the time I stepped into my soulful path and guided me through to where I am in this now. I feel Babajis love, support and protection always. 

I had a strong visual sight of Babaji during a meditation and I saw his dark eyes clearly and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I felt unconditional love, i felt home and completely content. I still one of the most beautiful experiences with Babaji.

In the beginning of my journey Babaji helped me practice to communcate with conciousnesses in the astral plane and also gave me the calling to go to the Himalayas and connect. He introduced me to his spiritual sister Mataji Annai whom I feel a deep connection with ever since. 

Babaji handed down 18 Kriya asanas to his disciple and these were taught to my Guru and then me. I feel these 18 potent Kriya asanas assists in clearing and opening up the body and its energycircuits to be able to anchor and hold more light and raise in conciosuness. They are most beneficial as a daily Sadhana, regularly practised that is.