Sri Babaji Kriya Yoga Studio
Spring 2024

Meditation & Inner power

This course will assist you in calming your mind, increase your ability to focus and to have a greater presence in your daily life. You will have a chance to experience the benefits of meditating regularly and finding that inner power to be in charge of your mental and emotianal state. 
During the course you will be guided to calm and focus your mind with yogic techniques. You wil learn:
Mantra for supporting your learningprocess. 
Pranayama (breathing exercise) for calming and balancing the mind and body - preparing for meditation. 
Meditation technique "One pointed awareness" with the aim to increse ones ability to focus and becoming aware of ones thoughtprocess.

This enables you to gain control over your mind and its thought process, a key step in finding a state of meditation. The course is also suitable for you that is an experienced meditator but looking for support to find a routine. 
(In Swedish)

• TUESDAYS 18.30-19.30

Online via Zoom & in studio on Vikbolandet

Dates: Starts 6/2 - 7/5 ( 
ry for free 30/1
1200 sek full course, 12 classes
500 sek for 4 classes

• THURSDAYS 19.15-20.15 - start february

Yoga Andrum studio, Norrköping 

Dates: Starts 25/1 - Try class 18/1 for 50kr!

1800 sek for the full course, 12 classes

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